myUSO – a new online bookmarking service

myUSO is a password-protected bookmark service for all USO-enabled schools, giving school staff the ability to pre-configure a set of managed links to Internet and Intranet-based services for their users.

By creating a publishable ‘Home page’ from which staff and pupils can easily access all USO authenticated services, plus any additional web-based services linked alongside, myUSO presents a simple, convenient and organised route to online resources for schools.

myUSO can be configured by staff for use by any person in their school that has a USO account. Staff can create tabs within the website which contain links relevant to all users, staff-only, or specified year groups or classes, and make each tab visible accordingly.

All users except young children using a special ‘Early Years’ log in can sort, search and filter the links available to them through an intuitive control which also defines how the information about each link is viewed.

Additionally, all users can easily create a set of personal bookmarks with just a simple ‘drag & drop’ structure enabling links to be organised into folders.

An unlimited number of links can be placed within each tab, and the collection of bookmarks presented to pupils and staff can be as limited, or as comprehensive, as the school wishes.

myUSO is a free service available to any USO-enabled school, and can be accessed via using any student or staff USO account.

Full details about the service are available here.

LapSafe security products now available from Atomwide

Atomwide is pleased to announce that it has added the LapSafe range of security and charging products for laptops, netbooks and tablets to its growing catalogue of services for schools. The LapSafe products available from Atomwide will help your school support the implementation of any type of mobile computer solution and manage:

  • Laptop, notebook and tablet security
  • Charging (all leading types of device catered for)
  • Network connectivity (hard wired or wireless options)
  • Mobile IT suite functionality
  • Central storage and distribution

The complete range of LapSafe products is available at extremely competitive prices through Atomwide. You can find the whole range by visiting the Atomwide online shop and for further information please contact

Win a year’s subscription to AutoText

Atomwide is holding a number of prize draws through 2013 where a USO-enabled school can win a year’s subscription to the AutoText service and 2000 text messages.

To be able to enter simply follow Atomwide on Twitter by going to

Schools can increase their chances of winning by having multiple members of staff enter the competition. The only requirement is that anyone wishing to enter the prize draw on your school’s behalf must have a functioning USO account and be following Atomwide on Twitter.

Everyone following us on Twitter will receive a tweet containing information on how to enter the AutoText prize draw. To enter, simply log in to the Atomwide survey website using the link that will be provided and answer three simple questions.

The survey site will be live for 48 hours from the time of the tweet after which a winner will be selected from the completed submissions. The winner  will receive a year’s subscription to AutoText and 2000 text messages for their school. If the winner’s school already subscribes to AutoText then 3000 free text messages will be added to the school’s AutoText account instead.

You can see more information mobile phone with messageabout the texting service on the product flyer and details of how the interface works can be found on the help pages of the USO support site.

Atomwide will be running multiple competitions in the coming months so if you don’t win at first keep watching!

LGfL 2.0 IP Telephony and Managed Wireless at BETT 2013

Atomwide will be at Stand F120 – London’s ExCeL, January 30th – February 2nd

At BETT 2013, Atomwide will be demonstrating the innovative new IP Telephony and Managed Wireless systems that are available to LGfL 2.0 Schools on Stand F120.

Please come and meet the team at the BETT Show between 30th January and 2nd February at London’s ExCeL to find out how these services can provide your school with high quality service and fantastic cost savings.

For more detailed information regarding these services please read this page.

USO-authenticated SMTP service

In situations where it is necessary for a user to send email via SMTP from a mobile device it will be possible to use the LGfL SMTP server settings in the mail client to enable mail to be sent. Users can authenticate securely with their USO credentials against the SMTP server set up in the core of LGfL specifically for this purpose.

This free service is intended for use by establishments running their own non-Exchange mail server and where users need to be able to send mail from various devices. In such circumstances, it will be possible to configure a mail client with the relevant settings to enable users to send email securely whenever necessary.

The service works on the basis that the “from” address configured in the mail client is the same email address as that registered to the user’s USO account. To enable the service, a Nominated Contact from any LGfL-subscribing establishment needs to raise a support case and request it.

Atomwide offers a Fax to Email service

The Fax to Email Service allows establishments to send and receive faxes electronically without the need for an extra phone line or a physical fax machine. This secure service makes faxing convenient and simple to use and set up. Set-up charges apply, although schools already using the LGfL 2.0 IP Telephony system will not be charged any set-up fees to enable faxing.

  • Send faxes online via a secure management website
  • No need for an extra line or a fax machine
  • Save money on paper, toner and maintenance costs
  • Receive faxes conveniently by email
  • Access a full history of all faxes sent and received
  • Phonebook functionality for private and establishment-wide numbers
  • “Click-to-fax” integration with online phonebook

To enable this service for any establishment, there is a one-off set-up charge of £50. Annual subscription is priced at £200 plus the cost of calls, which are invoiced quarterly.

Establishments already using LGfL 2.0 IP Telephony will have no set-up fee and will be offered a reduced annual subscription charge of £100. Each subscription is allocated one fax number.

To purchase the service or for further information please email our sales team. All costs are quoted excluding VAT.

USO Instant Messaging (Atomwide Chat)

Following the recent notice from Microsoft of the imminent demise of Windows Live Messenger (AKA: MSN), and the additional challenges that schools may face when asked to deploy Skype as the alternative, Atomwide is pleased to make Atomwide Chat available to full USO-subscribing schools at no additional charge.

Operating in a similar, and hence familiar, manner to MSN or Windows Messaging, Atomwide Chat is an authenticated instant messaging service that can be used in schools, with access controlled via a USO account, and which keeps a secured history of conversations.

Atomwide Chat can be used in schools with a greater degree of security compared to publicly available messaging services, and access can be restricted to staff and/or pupil groups separately on a per school basis. Messages can be exchanged between any valid, and locally-enabled, USO accounts.

Users can access a simple web-based interface or install one of the several more feature-rich client applications that are available for most platforms, including PC and Mac, and many mobile devices.

Further details are available to USO Nominated Contacts via the Support Site User Guide.

LGfL Access Management Federation

As part of schools’ LGfL 2.0 subscriptions in London, access is included to a wide range of premium software from commercial providers that would cost many thousands of pounds if purchased separately.

Some of these software packages have been enhanced to be “LGfL aware” – meaning that they include additional, unique features linked to a school’s staff and pupils’ USO accounts. For example, the popular website “MangaHigh” can “know” the names of a school’s classes, along with their teachers and pupils. This makes the process of setting up MangaHigh accounts automatic – a job that would otherwise be very time-consuming and require continual manual updating.

LGfL has established a “Federation” of carefully-selected partners that may be permitted to access USO data, and has strict rules in place to regulate this activity.

Access by Federation partners to each school’s data is managed through the Federation data release page of the LGfL USO Support Site, accessible only by the Head Teacher. The page summarises what, if any, data is available to which Federation partners and why. It also allows a Headteacher to switch on, or off, any data sharing links for their school.

For full details and instructions, school Nominated Contacts and/or Head Teachers should read the associated page in the support site user guide.

Important notice regarding changes to email filtering and termination of ECC in LGfL

Following the roll-out of MailProtect 2.0 in LGfL, the existing LGfL filtering system (known as the ECC) is being decommissioned today (23 July 2012), as scheduled and previously announced.

All schools who needed to change their settings to ensure their email service continued without interruption have previously received instructions by email and/or cases on the support site regarding changing their settings to work with MailProtect 2.0 in preparation for the switchover.

From today, schools that have previously used the ECC but have not yet migrated to the MailProtect 2.0 system will be unable to send or receive mail. In such schools users attempting to send an email via the ECC will receive an automated message informing them that the service is not available. Anyone attempting to send mail from outside into the school will receive the same message and emails will not get through.

If you are trying to email someone in a school and receive a message saying that your email has been rejected, please contact the school via alternative means to alert them of the problem.

If your email service has stopped working under the circumstances outlined above please contact the LGfL Support Desk by updating a previously opened case on this topic on the USO support site (or raising a new case if no current case exists).

MailProtect 2.0 goes live

MailProtect 2.0, from Atomwide, is now in widespread service, offering new functionality, and protecting users in around 2,500 UK schools from email-borne spam, viruses, porn and abuse.

RBC, LA and school staff account holders using Atomwide USO, or LGfL USO, can log into their relevant MailProtect website at:

…and view a log of scanned messages relating to any of their personal email addresses that are authenticated via USO.  The details of any emails blocked by MailProtect can be examined, and “false positives” can be released (unless they are believed to contain viruses).  In addition, these users can add trusted senders to a personal “allow” list so that future messages are exempt from spam checks, and/or opt to receive daily “spam digest” emails which offer proactive notification about blocked messages.

USO Nominated Contacts with appropriate “mail domain administrator” permissions can use the same web site to release blocked messages on behalf of any of their users, and configure domain or establishment level “allow” lists.

More features are currently under development which we look forward to announcing over the coming weeks.

Visit Atomwide at BETT 2012

BETT 2012 logoAtomwide is pleased to announce that we will once again be exhibiting at the BETT Show in London’s Olympia from the 11th to the 14th January. You can find us in the National Hall on Stand K46.

Please feel free to visit the Atomwide stand and take the opportunity to speak to our staff about our products and services and to meet some of the Service Desk team.

We look forward to seeing you there and if you haven’t already registered for tickets for the show you can do so via this page.