How to terminate USO accounts

Most of the information made available to users concerns the provisioning and administration of USO accounts. However, knowing how to terminate USO accounts correctly is of high importance when pupils or staff leave an establishment or are otherwise no longer eligible for a USO account.

A comprehensive document available on the USO support site outlines steps that should be taken to stop a user’s USO account and their access to licenced services or to keep an account temporarily under the “sponsorship” of a school. Please refer to this document for the latest guidance.

Our phone numbers have changed!

Our phone numbers are in the process of changing over to local Orpington numbers. Please start using these new numbers at the earliest opportunity.

Main office number
01689 814 700

Main office fax number
01689 814 701

Support line for non-London LAs
01689 814 777

London LAs should continue to call
020 8255 5555

Support fax number for everyone
01689 814 778

This should help reduce the price of your calls in these cost-conscious times.

SIMS to USO automation

As an authority making use of the ability to automate the USO account management through nightly SIMS exports we have come across a side affect of this system that we did not totally foresee:

A few of our secondary schools have already given their year 13’s leaving dates in SIMS, meaning that the next nightly export removed these peoples USO accounts and the associated email account. Right in the middle of UCAS applications, the same problem may occur to a lesser extent with Year 11 leavers and college applications.

On one hand I am not convinced this is a technical issue, as from a data security point of view if someone has left they are no longer under the control of the school and should no longer be entitled to use the schools or LA’s ICT facilities. However from a customer service point of view if these accounts have been used on UCAS or college application forms then it unreasonable to just dismiss them.

For the school involved we have disabled their nightly exports until late August/September to give the pupils a grace period.

Has anyone else come across this problem and does anyone have any ideas about what could be done to alleviate the problem in future years?

Darren King : LB Sutton