USO-AutoUpdate and RM Integris G2

AutoUpdate can now be used with RM Integris G2 MIS products to export data to the USO database.

Schools do not need to install any software at their end. Instead, they will need to fill out a form and send it to RM who will then provide the school with instructions on how to create a G2 web service user.

The school’s Head will also need to enable the reports for export via the AutoUpdate settings page in the support site.

Full instructions on what needs to be done can be found in the user guide.

New Data Export controls for USO-AutoUpdate

An additional page has been added to the support site which allows staff at schools it identify data being exported from the schools MIS system into USO using AutoUpdate.

The page showing details can be found here.

All users can view the state of the exports and can see which fields are being exported by the various reports that are available to the school but only Head Teachers can authorise the release of data from their school into USO.

Installed copies of USO-AutoUpdate will NOT allow for the export of data unless the desired report has been authorised by the Head Teacher in the school.

It is also possible to view the log files relating to the AutoUpdate reports being run on the same page.

Further details of this page can be found in the online help pages here.

Recent changes to USO-AutoUpdate overnight process

The overnight task that processes a school’s exported data from its MIS has been amended to do the following:

1) Automatically mark staff mobile numbers as verified where the headteacher of a school has specified that this should happen. The headteacher can set this option via the ‘Configure settings’ page, found here, under the SMS tab on the support site.

2) Staff USO accounts will have their association with a school removed if they no longer appear in the exported data for the school and they are recognised as having been in a previously processed MIS extract from the school. If the account only has one association then the account will be moved to the unallocated pool. A LA can stop this process by raising a support case and requesting that the feature be turned off.

These new features will help streamline the management of USO accounts for a school and ensure the USO accounts match the school’s MIS data.

USO-AutoUpdate is updated!

An updated version (v1.1.2.0) of USO-AutoUpdate has now been released.

The main changes are:

1) The software will now work in 64-bit Windows, as Windows will run it in 32-bit compatibility mode.

2) The app and the update tool check that you have admin rights. If you don’t, then you can’t set a schedule, the software will not update, and settings will not be saved. You should still be able to run a report, presuming that an admin account has previously configured the settings.

3) Changes have now been implemented which will improve the robustness of the application in situations where web services calls fail.

Please let us know if you identify any issues in the new version.


USO-AutoUpdate is a new service from Atomwide, approved by Capita, which automates the exporting of data from SIMS (other MIS support is planned for the future) into the Atomwide/LGfL USO service.

A highly granular level of control and visibility is offered on the details that are exported into USO, which can include staff, pupils, and parents, including parent or guardian contact details.

The product is available on a per school basis, or as a bulk purchase at LA level, for new and existing USO users. The latter is the recommended process of procurement, especially if part of a new USO rollout across an LA.

As part of the process, the USO support site provides an interface to allow the management of user details as they are imported and to allow for the cleansing of any erroneous data whether in the MIS system or in USO.

Wauton Samuel <> USO integration

Wauton Samuel have just completed work that allows School MIS system to automatically update the USO database in a similar way to that of the GroupCall exporter product. This package completely automates to process of creation of USO users.

Wauton Samuel’s main customer base is the Primary sector in London and if you are using this product and wish to enable the Automatic USO update feature please contact them …

By loggin on at WSWebServices


By email


By phone on 020 8691 6622