ParentLink changes to ParentComms™

Atomwide has renamed the parent-focused product portfolio from ParentLink to ParentComms™ following customer feedback.

This decision has been influenced by the existence of a similarly named US product in the mobile app stores causing some confusion with our customers. In order to help users find the correct product we have decided to rebrand from ParentLink to ParentComms™.

The new name is part of the ongoing upgrade programme for Atomwide’s mobile apps and is also being reflected across all related websites and news articles. The suite of online services designed to improve parental engagement is growing following the recent release of the mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The decision to adopt the ParentComms™ name should help avoid any confusion in future.

ParentComms app for Android V1.0.35 released

A wide selection of changes including but not limited to

  • Integration with AutoText including sending of text messages
  • Support site announcements now pushed to NC’s
  • Default message icon added for unknown format messages
  • Acknowledge control on message delivery for service desk announcements
  • Additions to the help pages

ParentComms app for Android V1.0.33 released

A wide selection of changes including but not limited to

  • error testing for mobile number
  • improved user friendly error warnings
  • added handling for html content messages
  • do not disturb time controls added
  • bug fix to stop app crashing on silent default ring tone
  • auth control for 3rd party support companies
  • multiple NC status control
  • additional help page overlays


ParentComms app for Android

The ParentComms:Mobile app for Android (version 1) is currently available free of charge from Google Play. The app is designed for both school staff and parent use.

The app is designed to work in conjunction with the OpenCheck website to allow parents to receive free, immediate alerts if your school has to close in an emergency.

Staff members that have the ability to update school status in OpenCheck will be able to do this quickly and easily directly from the app. The app also has the ability to recognise staff members with Nominated Contact status and present additional options to such users.

Users who install the app should maximise the benefits by logging in with a USO account, either a school-issued account or a parental account ending in .uso.

Alternatively, anyone who does not have an account, can register the app simply by entering their mobile phone number. Parents using the app will be able to help schools using the USO-AutoText service to cut their texting costs by having messages routed to the app instead of sent as a text.

Initial functionality includes :

  • USO username authentication
  • Mobile phone number authentication
  • Control of OpenCheck School Status
  • Message display including OpenCheck status
  • Support for for Nominated Contact to view network usage graphs with zoom functionality
  • Support for staff to see names of USO Nominated Contacts at the school
  • Support for cctv service