Secure file transfer to non-USO users

USO-FX has been enhanced to allow staff in LGfL 2.0 schools and LAs to ‘Push’ documents securely to non-USO users (e.g. health service officials). USO-FX previously allowed files to be received from non-USO users via the ‘Invite a file’ feature but files could not be returned.

Now, the ‘Invite a file’ feature can be used in conjunction with the new ‘Push a file’ functionality. This means that USO-FX can support secure two-way communication with individuals not subscribing to USO directly, though action must be initiated by a USO account holder.

The new ‘Push a file’ feature uses a combination of the recipient’s email address and a PIN code sent to their mobile device by text message or ParentLink:Mobile data message.

A sender can access ‘Push a file’ via the USO Support Site by picking the ‘Push a file’ option from the main USO-FX menu.  The sender may include a document, or just a simple text-only message. The recipient will receive an email with a single-use web link. The web page will then ask for a PIN code before allowing the user to securely access the document or message.

Other UK schools and LAs that subscribe to USO-AutoText also have access to this feature.

New USO-FX feature

Every establishment with access to the full USO-FX service (which includes all LGfL 2.0 subscribers as standard) can now benefit from an enhancement within the ‘Upload a file’ facility.

The new option allows you to send a short plain text message via USO-FX by typing directly into the web interface – rather than having to upload a pre-saved file. If, for example, you just want to pass information about a single child to a colleague, then you will clearly want to send the data securely, but separately creating a Word document to carry the details is an unwanted complication. Now you can simply type text into the description box, tick the new option, and your words will be turned into a plain text file that recipients can download from USO-FX.

For more details please refer to this page in the support site manual.

New functionality in USO-FX

USO-FX now offers a secure way to for you to receive a file from anyone – regardless of whether or not they have a USO account!

This person wanting to receive a file must “invite” the relevant individual to upload it through the newly implemented “Invite a file” feature of USO-FX. The person sending out the invitation must do so through the support site but the invitation can be sent to anyone with an email address.

You would need to ensure the other person knows your USO username as they will have no way of finding it if they don’t have access to the support site. The person you invite will receive an email with a link to a secure interface where they need to enter your username and then upload the file that’s been requested. You will get an alert from the support site when something is available for you to download.

For full details on how this works see the support site User Guide.

Yet more additions to USO-FX

This evening we released additional options in the USO-FX product which allows for the mass distribution of files to many schools.

A zip archive can be uploaded containing files with file names that start with the DCSF number of a school, the zip file is then broken down into individual files and each file sent to the selected user in that school by USO-FX.

Further details of this can be seen in the on line help files found here.

USO-FX and private Nurseries

We have a data collection routine with private nursery providers which involves the transfer of USB memory sticks. Is it appropriate to give an individual at each nursery a USO, link this to their nursery email address (whatever that might be), and use USO-FX for the data transfer?

When they transfer data to the LA can they be restricted to seeing just LA staff?

John Schmitz from LA in Barnet