The New mySchool Issue Tracker

We are thrilled to announce the release of the mySchool Issue Tracker website. Schools that have purchased optional value-added services, separate to their LGfL/TRUSTnet subscription can now visit the Issue Tracker website to send their queries to a member of the Support Team.

Originally designed to help school staff communicate with their on-site technicians, the Issue Tracker has now been given added functionality to empower all staff members to raise cases on-line.

Previously, school staff needed to collaborate with a Nominated Contact if they wanted to obtain help from the Support Team. The release of mySchool Issue Tracker now reduces this need, making it possible for all staff members to raise queries through this dedicated site.

The site is found at User access is controlled via the same LGfL USO (Unified Sign On) account that is used to access other LGfL/TRUSTnet services, such as StaffMail.

Currently the website offers the ability to get help on any of the following services:




Digital Signage


Local On-site Technician Support


Managed WiFi


ParentComms | Pay+


School Security | CCTV


SIMS Support




Users should be advised that cases raised through the mySchool Issue Tracker website may be referred to the schools Nominated Contact where administrative changes are being requested.

We hope that you will find this a useful addition to the services you currently benefit from.

To be kept up-to-date and informed of any future announcements of this nature, we recommend that you download the ParentComms:Mobile app


Many Thanks,

The Atomwide Support Team

01689 814777 |

The unbelievable happens ….

After more than 20 years I’ve finally succumbed to general pressure and we have started writing a User Guide for the support site !

The green shoots of the project can be seen on the support site. There are also link buttons in the support site itself that take you to specific pages on the guide.

In due course we will be adding pages based upon questions being raised by users on the help desk, support cases being raised and web hit counters on the support site but if anybody has any suggestions for areas they would like covered sooner rather than later please post them here.

As we progress you will see various links appear in the support that take you direct to the relevant pages.

Don’t forget this is like painting the Forth bridge and I suspect is a task that will never be completed !

Base of the manual can be found here.

Martin Coulson

User Administration Tools migration

The final stages in the migration of user administration tools from the “old” user management site (operating at to the support site are now complete.  Nominated Contacts will find that they are now able to modify the settings of individual staff and pupil accounts by logging in to the support site and clicking the Details link alongside the records returned by the page at User Accounts -> User list/search.

The “old” user management site will be shut down on 31st July 2009.  From today until the end of the month, users accessing will be presented with a notice during login which informs them about the impending change.

User Listing

Couple more additions to the user provisioning that should be of interest to Itcontacts.

If your using an automated method of creation of USOaccounts like GroupCall or USO-AutoUpdate then you will now receive, as Itcontacts, an email when new users are created in your school.

In addition in the

Home : User Accounts : User list/search

View on the support site there is a new indicator option (bottom left side) that lets you sort users by creation date.

Interested Parties….


Up until now, when a case is raised in the Call Logging system the person raising the case receives e-mails whenever an update to the case takes place. That is fine for most situations but there are circumstances where more than one person needs to receive these e-mail alerts. An example would be in a school with several Nominated Contacts where all might wish to be appraised of case updates rather than each having to log in regularly to the support site just in case a change has been made.


From today, if you are interested in the progress of a case which you are permitted to view but which you did not raise then you can click on a new button in the case marked “Register Interest”. This will add you to the list of case update e-mail recipients and ensure that any subsequent additions to the case are e-mailed to you as well as the person who raised the case in the first place.

File Upload For Support Cases

As part of the continuing work on enhancing the support site, we are pleased to announce a significant new feature to the call logging system. Files may now be attached to cases that are raised on the system, both at the point of opening the case and as a case proceeds. If you wish to attach a file to a case that is in the process of being raised then it can be done using the browse facility on the page where the user is required to enter textual details of the case.
Once a case has been raised, a file may be uploaded using a similar feature within the case itself. Simply browse to the file that is required to be uploaded and elect to open the appropriate file. A list of supported filetypes is displayed on the page in question. 

Modification to support reporting

Information for Atomwide USO School Nominated Contact (NC), Power Users and Super Users.

As you may already be aware, during 2008 and 2009 there has been an increased focus, supported by government guidance, relating to information handling and information security, especially with regard to staff and pupil details in the context of schools.

In response to this guidance, Atomwide has been reviewing its own data security methodologies and practices, and discussing their implications with its contracting customer authorities.

With the increased amount of data now being transferred in support of USO-integrated services, and with an ever increasing range of services relying on that data for access and authentication purposes, those discussions resulted in Atomwide changing the process by which personal user data could be sent into the Atomwide Service Desk at the end of 2008.

Following that change, all personal user data was required to be submitted via automated secure upload, or via manual upload using the secure utility within the Support Site.

A similar change will take affect from 1st August 2009, that will result in authorised contacts needing to post support enquires via the ‘Raise an Issue’ option under the Service Desk tab in the Support Site.

In this way, we can ensure that all sensitive data, whether intentionally submitted to us, or unintentionally included in a support request, is sent to us in an encrypted and hence secure fashion, rather than via an email system that cannot be verified as secure in the same way.

As a consequence, any emailed enquiries posted after 31st July 2009 will receive an automated reply with details of how to log a case via the Support Site.