Creating Nominated Contacts

A new bit of long-awaited functionality is now available! Head Teachers who have registered OTP tags now have the ability to create new Nominated Contacts within their schools via the support site.

There will no longer be any need to collect signatures and fax forms to the service desk, thus eliminating delays and excess paperwork. A Head will need to use the Nominated Contact management page found under User Accounts to grant Contact status to a staff member (with or without a request being made by that staff member). The Head will need to enter their OTP code each time an action needs to be performed even after having logged in to the support site to ensure security is always strictly maintained.

Staff members will also be able to access this page in the support site but only to submit a request to become a Nominated Contact and to see who the other Contacts are.

A maximum quota of Nominated Contacts allowed per school will be enforced under this system. The quota will be determined by the LAs who will need to let Atomwide know of their requirements. It is possible to have different quotas for primary, secondary schools, etc.

As already stated, although the page will be visible to all, the functionality will ONLY be available to those schools whose Heads have a registered OTP tag.

For full details on using the Nominated Contacts management page please see the relevant page of our user guide.

Additions to the AutoText Service

We have added a number of accounting functions to allow LA’s to set various limit’s with regard to numbers of text messages in schools.

You can set a point at which a red message is displayed warning that the school is running out of message credit’s, by default this is set to 150, once the school run’s out of message credits a negative number is displayed and the LA can control how far into an over-draft the school is allowed to go before the system really does stop sending messages ! By default this is set to -100

Details of this feature can be found here

When a schools sends a text message and their account is over-drawn an email is sent to the LA sms admin and an option is provided to email the Head Teacher of the school at the same time.

Details of this feature can be found here

All of these messages and default settings can be configured on an LA by LA basis – to change a message please raise a support case.

We have also added to the staff Pre-defined lists so it’s now possible to de-select any number of users in the lists before sending the text.

Details of this feature can be found here

Additions to USO-AutoText

Couple more features to this service today. You can now ‘opt out’ entire year groups from the texting service – useful with the 14-19 agenda work that is going on.

You can pre-set your school’s option’s, details here in the help files.

Then modify these settings on each occasion you extract data, details of this option are here.

Some time ago ….

Chris posted a list of items he wanted added to the online help.

1. Matching the Staff and Pupils queried by the auto upload.

For this topic have a look here

2. Checking the SIMS upload to the USO has run.

This can be found here

3. Using OpenCheck

This is on the wish list …. watch this space

4. Enabling and disabling StaffMail.

5. Setting up and removing aliases.

6. Creating shared mailboxes.

4,5&6 – the request has been passed to LGfL

7. Checking data for the SMS texting.

Details of how to do this are here

we have actually added some further test’s in this section since Chris made the request.

8. Using the SMS texting.

The base page of sms text’ing is here

9. Receiving a USO-FX file.

10. Sending a USO-FX file.

The root pages for USO-fx are here

do watch this specific space – USO-fx is about to have a number of extra features added !!!

The unbelievable happens ….

After more than 20 years I’ve finally succumbed to general pressure and we have started writing a User Guide for the support site !

The green shoots of the project can be seen on the support site. There are also link buttons in the support site itself that take you to specific pages on the guide.

In due course we will be adding pages based upon questions being raised by users on the help desk, support cases being raised and web hit counters on the support site but if anybody has any suggestions for areas they would like covered sooner rather than later please post them here.

As we progress you will see various links appear in the support that take you direct to the relevant pages.

Don’t forget this is like painting the Forth bridge and I suspect is a task that will never be completed !

Base of the manual can be found here.

Martin Coulson